Gijs Leeksma

Gijs Leeksma is the founder of WHMS, because that career as a professional soccer player was unfortunately only in his dreams. Born in Heemstede and grown up in the capital. In the meantime, he has gained a lot of insight into relationships, how it can be done and how it should not be done.  

"I have quite some experience yes. But I look back on every relationship with a smile. Love is so nice, whether it is short or long duration. Ultimately, we strive for that long happy relationship, but for that you have to have that perfect match. Not the perfect person but the perfect match. At one point I realized that this was not easy, because I had too high demands or often let myself be carried away again is simple love at first sight. This was the reason why I started reading a lot and talking to people about why people fit together and why not. A world opened up to me and I knew immediately that I wanted to do more with it. I started doing a dating coach study and together with our WHMS psychologists we created our own matchmaking theory. This is how WHMS personal matching came about. Nothing is more beautiful than love and it is very nice to be able to realize this for others by means of this concept ".

What I love: Chocolate, Ajax, Spain, whiskey, my fish Harry and Sally, the song 'Diep in mijn hart' from Tante Leen and Christmas

Zayra 2Zayra Muller

Zayra Muller is a coach and experience expert in the field of personal and professional development. Her fuel for positive energy is to explore human drives and discover what really moves you as a person.

"The verb 'connecting' is central in my life. Matching people in love but also in my work as a coach: connecting body and mind.

The Royal Wedding by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex was a historic moment because history was written. Not just for the bi-cultural gathering but especially for the ode to romantic love. I was particularly touched by the impressive speech by Bishop Michael Curry, who spoke about the fiery and passionate power of love. Words that make love and the world more beautiful for me. This ceremony made my romantic heart beat extra hard and made me realize again that love is the highest good. My interest and enthusiasm were strengthened after this moment and so I came in contact with Gijs a year later.

I love to have nice conversations with (diverse) people, looking for the unknown and similarities that always seem to be there. It is precisely the similarities that binds people. By listening carefully and by asking you come together to the most beautiful discoveries.

My approach as a coach is motivating, empathetic and positive with an open mind. As a Master coach I have gained in-depth knowledge from various courses and I use NLP, systemic work and attention training, among other things. More information about my method:"

What i love: my feet in the sand, the sunrise and sunset, a beach walk, cooking, evening parties, dancing, Ah from George Michael and traveling for inspiration and reflection.

Titia Roovers

Titia Roovers tapped the 40 last year, a great moment to take stock and celebrate what she has achieved so far: a successful psychological practice (www.sterktrainingencoaching.nlin which she guides ambitious thirties in the art of life, so that they live lighter with courage! She also wrote an inspiring book 'Love and Courage' (Liefde en Lef’). Married with a very nice man last summer and mother of Louisa and Philip and stepson Nika.

Titia is a co-founder of WHMS but she no longer does the matching because she wants to focus on her own practice. Clients of WHMS are of course also very welcome here.

"When Gijs asked me to be part of his mission to bring together nice people, I immediately thought that was a good idea! I know from experience how a desire for love can be so great that you sometimes almost do not want to feel it. I also still know the feeling that after every 'unsuccessful' date you need to get back in the saddle to start dating again. After a lot of trial and error, I experience love as both binding and liberating, especially because I am more firmly on my own feet than ever. Finding the right match for you I try to be curious about what lies behind the first impression of strength and vulnerability and to tempt you to show this with warm confrontations. "

What I love: the smell of the canals (a bit dirty but still nice), my daughter who imitates an adult, Ronald Goedemondt, dancing to a good beat.

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