Step 1: Entry
In case you are interested in our concept we first want to ask you to fill in our online form below the menu item 'Contact' After you have sent this to us we will contact you to get to know you a little better and to possible invite you for a non-committal personal introductory talk to get to know each other.

Step 2: Personal introductory talk, for free and non-committal
Before people can subscribe we want to meet everybody personal one-on-one and get to know each other. In this free introductory talk we want to get to know you better and we will explain our concept and method. If the feeling is good at both sides and you decide to subscribe, the first next step is making an appointment for the advice talk. Prior to this advice talk, we will ask you to first complete a comprehensive online questionnaire. The answers to these questions will be the basis for this conversation.

Step 3: Profile
The advice talk will take about 60 minutes and the main goal of the advice talk is to get a complete picture of you. We will go in deeper on who you are, what gets you excited, who are your friends and family, what are your interests etc.

By doing this we will create a powerful profile about you. This will be the base for finding the right match for you. Subsequently we will try to find out what kind of person will suit you best in order to get a happy and long lasting relationship with.

Step 4: Proposal
With your profile as a starting point we will see if we can match you with somebody of our database. The consultant will search in her/his own database but also in the database of the consultants in other regions.

Our team will look at all options to get the best possible match based on our WHMS theory.

Your profile will be proposed to your possible match at the same time we propose their profile to you. If you both are as enthusiastic as us we will give Harry the contact details of Sally. And it is up to Harry to take the first step.

Step 5: Evaluation
After the date we will evaluate together with you why the match was good or/and why not. If there is a positive feeling at both sides you can off course continue dating with each other. If this is not the case we will start searching again for a new possible match.

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