After asking many Harrys what they are looking for in their Sally, we can now make a list of properties that often appear on their "wishlist". Below the top 5 (of which 2 also in the list of the Sally's):


One of the first "wishes" our Harrys often mention is that they like their Sally to be social. Ideally, she is open and friendly to others, and is easy to chat with, especially with his friends and family. 

Open minded 

Like our Sally's, men also find it very important that women have an open view of the world and are interested in others. Curiosity is highly valued and this also makes the relationship a lot more interesting.

Laughing together

Laughing together is also one of the conditions for a good relationship for men. For us it is of course difficult to predict this when matching, but we can make a good estimate. Men like to see women not take life too seriously and not be too heavy on hand.

Show vulnerability

Many of the women in our database are strong and independent women. Many men find this certainly attractive, but would like to see these women dare to show their vulnerability. The "power woman" is a frequently heard term by which the man can sometimes feel intimidated. 


Almost every Harry also has "love" high on the wish list. Their Sally is caring, can be a bit tough now and then, but above all has a small heart.