Gijs Leeksma

Founder & Co-owner

What I love: Chocolate, Ajax, Spain, whiskey, my fish Harry and Sally, the song 'Diep in mijn hart' from Tante Leen and Christmas

Gijs Leeksma is relationship expert and the founder of WHMS, because that career as a professional soccer player was unfortunately only in his dreams. Born in Heemstede and grown up in the capital. In the meantime, he has gained a lot of insight into relationships, how it can be done and how it should not be done. He has also finished his training as dating coach.


Vanessa Smit


What I love: Formule 1, dancing 'till sunrise , Portugal, cooking and my dear friends

Vanessa Smit was born in Amstelveen and after wandering through Amsterdam, Zeeland and Brabant she is back in her beloved capital. Her background in advertising has taught her a lot about the human psyche. Experience expert in the field of relationships, followed various courses in dating coaching & relationship psychology.


Our home-psychologist and -coach

Titia Roovers


What I love: the smell of the canals (a bit dirty but still nice), my daughter who imitates an adult, Ronald Goedemondt, dancing to a good beat.

Titia has owned a thriving psychology practice since 2004. ( She guides ambitious people in their thirties to establish a solid and honest relationship with themselves and with others. She married Niels just before her fortieth birthday and is the mother of Louisa and Philip and stepson Nika.

Since the foundation of WHMS, Titia has been involved in the background as a psychologist for WHMS clients who want to know their patterns in love.

"Are you willing to have the courage to show your vulnerability in addition to your strength while dating? I would love to discuss this with you"

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Zayra Muller


What I love: my feet in the sand, the sunrise and sunset, a beach walk, cooking, evening parties, dancing, As from George Michael and traveling for inspiration and reflection.

Zayra Muller is a coach in the field of personal and professional development. Her fuel for positive energy is to investigate the motives of the human being and discover what really moves you as a person.

"The verb 'to connect' is central to my life. Matching people in the love life but also in my work as a coach: connecting body and mind. My approach as a coach is motivating, empathetic and positive with an open mind. As a Master coach I have gained in-depth knowledge from various courses and I use NLP, systemic work and attention training, among other things.

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