To find your ideal Harry or Sally it is also important that you know who you are, what you bring in a relationship and what you need. Not the ideal partner is interesting, but the best possible relationship for you.

It is important to first become aware of the ideal image that you unconsciously have about the ideal partner. An ideal image is often a bit different from what suits you best. Also formulate answers to these questions: What do you have to offer your partner? What are you going to do to make him / her happy? What kind of life are you going to live and why does it make you happy? If you know yourself well, you can better determine who is right for you. The firmer you are in your own shoes, the easier it becomes to connect with someone else.

Our consultants will guide you in this, but of course they only have a limited time. If you need more guidance, you can contact one of our in-house psychologists: Zayra Muller or Titia Roovers. The coaching conversations provide insight into automatic and unconscious patterns. Goals are formulated, based on your values ​​and with exercises you get new insights about your situation and you can take the right actions.

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