Waarom val je vaak op de verkeerde types?

Wetenschappelijk onderzoek laat zien dat we bij het kiezen van partners erg gedreven worden door herkenning. We selecteren elkaar bijvoorbeeld onbewust op even mooi, even hoog opgeleid, even oud, even lang, even [...]

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This is the influence the relationship with your mother has on the rest of your life

Have you ever considered that the relationship you have with your mother affects the rest of your life? No matter how much love you have received. In fact, the way you look at your mother[...]

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The relationship with your father can have this influence on your love life

Your father is one of the most important men in your life. The relationship you have with him affects your love life more than you might think. Lifecoach Zayra Muller explains exactly how that [...]

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The influence of previous relationships on your current (love) life

This article previously appeared on Bedrock.nl Love has many forms: romantic love, love for friends and love for family. The first love you have received in life is the love of the family in which you [...]

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